TemplateShock free pack

(150 free templates)

Individually designed print templates carefully crafted to ready for use, with all kind of editability capabilities, in a wide variety of styles, from corporate to artistic. Delivery with all necessary files, which add up to 1000+, in different vector-supporting formats and all images attached.

Variety of the templates

Far from focusing on a single field like letterheads or envelopes alone, several kinds of print-purposed templates are included; all done in styles appropiate for each template category and with a good number of styles shared by items in different categories for a fluent design process*

*not all of the cross-category styles are available as part of this freebie.

Files delivered

Each item is delivered in three editable source-files to enable its customization, along with preview images and supporting images, such as backgrounds and special elements within the design.

source psd file
source ai file
source indd file
jpg preview
jpg additionals

PSD, raster based & vector supporting

The psd files are meant to be opened with Photoshop but may be compatible with other programs, its strenghth regarding these templates lies in the appearance of the colors and specially the rendering of the gradients.

Built with vector-shape layers and raster effects
Fully named, ordered and grouped layers
Completely customizable

AI, vector graphics specialized

The ai files are native to Adobe's Illustrator, yet they can be edited by other vector editors as they’ve become somewhat of an industry standard. It provides versatility and maximized editability.

fully vector based
logically grouped and labeled elements
easy to edit, resize and recolor

INDD, aimed at printed material

The innd files are adobe's in design files, so they are great at the handling of the fonts and text capabilities as well as text and overall layout and will be great in the printing process.

Raster backgrounds
Pagination and layout capabilities
All available text properties

Additionals, images at hand

This category describes the images relevant in the designs such as raster backgrounds used in the indd's or those ones used as photos in the menus or cv's. They are packed where they are needed and are very important because they are sometimes linked rather than embedded.

Free & Commercial packs

This free pack contains around 30% of the total content available to demonstrate the kind of material produced.

Free Pack
11 Business cards
11 CV's
11 Flyers
11 Folders
11 Invoice
11 Letter
20 Logos
11 Menus
20 Posters
11 Proposals
11 Quotations
11 Tri-folds
150 Total Items
Personal License
197 Business cards
56 CV's
58 Flyers
65 Folders
54 Invoices
54 Letters
139 Logos
48 Menus
56 Posters
54 Proposals
54 Quotations
53 Tri-folds
990 Total Items
Commercial License

Free personal license

All the elements included are free for personal use only. For commercial purposes purchase the individual commercial elements, any of the commercial element packs, or the TemplateShock Full pack.