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Proposal Templates

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So you have this new, amazing project, but don’t have the resources nor the partners to make it happen. Time for the excruciating task of going out there and show people what it is about and see if they’re interested. Now, the idea might be good but as with everything in life, it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Same applies to proposals, and we can help you make them look beautiful with these free proposal templates, intended to make your presentation even more attractive that it could have been in the first place. Use the included PSD, INDD and AI files to add all the info and conquer those needed allies.

  • sarah

    hi when i download it, it says operational not permitted, why?

    • ShockFamily


      are you using Mac OS?

    • http://corlatti.blogspot.com Claudio Corlatti

      same problem here, and yes, i’m using mac, yosemite

      • ShockFamily

        Yes, there is an issue with the files in Mac we’re solving. Please send us an email at help.shockfamily@gmail.com so we can notify you once solved.